Updated 25 Jun 2020

Access control

Except in the beginning when your team may be small (1-5), there's always a need to restrict access to certain parts of the application.

When you create an account in Archbee, it will also create a workspace.

For each workspaces there are 3 default user groups:

  • Team members, they are allowed to contribute to all shared spaces.
  • Administrators, in addition to team members, administrators can also:
    • invite and/or remove other team members;
    • create user groups and assign them to users;
    • setup permissions to spaces for user groups or individual users;
    • setup subscription and payment information.
  • Superadmin, is a group for a single person and is basically an administrator with the right to assign administrators.

In addition to the default user groups, custom groups can be created (on the Scaling plan), which can also used to assign permissions to docspaces in the docspace settings area.