Collection Links

Collection links are a way for you to setup multi-product, multi-version documentation sites.

Imagine you are Stripe.

Yes, you have multiple products.

Yes, you might have API v1 which is still used in production by many companies. While the current version has its own distinct docs.

Archbee is here to save you.

Go to the collection you want to have as main one. Click its settings. Then Collection Links .

Document image

Here you are able to create 3 types of links:

  • external links; this is not managed by Archbee;
  • collection links; they show up as in the tabs as multi-products;
  • collection version links; they show up in a dropdown; this can be used together with the Snapshots feature.


Collection links are fully compatible only with the Stripe template for docs.

Once you are setup, the Links for other collections you have referred to, will be in sync with the main collection so that people can have a seamless experience switching collections.

Here's how it looks, exactly here where you're reading.

Document image