Collections and hosting

You want to publish documentation for your product, and you want to be available at your domain:

Usually, you would reach out to the engineering team to build it and host it somewhere on your servers. 

Archbee provides a more straightforward and hands-free solution to build a documentation website without requiring development resources.

Archbee's collections can be set as public, and they can be hosted on your domain. You can customize how your collection will look with auto-renewable SSL certificates and guaranteed uptime as part of our SLA. Our system will host your content on your domain through AWS's CloudFront CDN to be super fast and reliable.

How to set up a public collection

1. Click on the collection you want to publish

Look for the 3 dots and click to get the Collection Settings. You will find multiple options.

Document image

2. Click on Settings

Document image

3. Options for Public Collection

Toggle the option for Public. Now your collection is accesable for visitors that have the link.

Decide if you want to be indexable by search engines or not. If you don't want the documentation to be found, toggle off Indexable by search engines.

Initially you will have a staging URL, that can be found under For public collections section.

You can use this URL to share the collection to others, or add a custom domain.

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4. Click on Custom Domain tab

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5. Follow all the steps to add a domain

Step 1:  Add CNAME to your desired subdomain (e.g by visiting your DNS provider or registrar.

Step 2:  Wait the DNS to propagate (takes from a few minutes up to 24 hours).

Step 3:  Set collection public (not necesary if you already set it public in the General tab).

Step 4:  Set your desired subdomain here.

Step 5:  Optionally set a URL path, to have multiple collections on 1 domain.

Step 6:  Publish the collection with the big blue button on the bottom right.

Step 7:  Go to you to trigger creation of SSL certificates.

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On Step 5, you can add a URL path so that you can publish multiple collection on the same domain. This works if you have multiple products or if you have multi-language documentation.

You will set up a collection with the custom domain: And the next ones will have the URL path similar to this:

6. Exit the Collection Settings windows.

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7. Publish the collection

When you add a custom domain, the Publish Mode is automaticlly activated. Now you can click on Publish to finish the setup.

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8. Staging vs Production

When the Custom domain is added, you will have a staging URL and a Production URL.

All edits in the Archbee UI will be automaticly saved and pushed to the staging URL. You can use it to preview any changes.

When you are done with the edits, you need to click on Publish to send the changes to the production URL.

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