Convert a doc to a Category

This feature is available on these plans: โœ”๏ธ Growing โœ”๏ธ Scaling โœ”๏ธ Enterprise

You can build document trees by using drag-and-drop. Click on a document, hold, and move it under a different document.


You will see that a document will be the parent and the one you moved is now the child doc. With Archbee, you can create a parent doc and nest multiple documents.


When you use a document as a parent, it is recommended to add content. Still, if you want to group documents under Categories, you should convert a doc to a Category (which works like a folder - there is no content). On the left side of the Archbee User Guide you can see examples of Categories:

Archbee Document Tree
Archbee Document Tree

You can add as many child documents to a parrent as you need. Archbee doesn't limit the number of nested documented.

How to convert a doc to a Category [Folder]

  1. Add a new document
  2. Click on the 3 dots โ ‡ to open the options window
  3. Click on Convert to a category
  4. Type the category name
  5. Use drag and drop to nest documents under the Category


When converting a doc to a category, all its content will be lost. You cannot nest Categories.

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Updated 15 Jun 2022
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