Document History

This feature is available on these plans: โœ”๏ธ Growing โœ”๏ธ Scaling โœ”๏ธ Enterprise

Document history is a feature that allows you to see the history of edits for an article - not just the last edit - and restore it to any version.

When you revert to a version of the document, we'll keep the history, and the version you selected will be the new document.

Each change you make to a document, we autosave it for you, which will provide the version of the document.

To open Document History, click on the Document Settings - the 3 dots on the top right corner.

Open Document Settings
Open Document Settings

A new window will open, and on the left side, you will have the revisions. In the center, you will see the content of the document.

On the top right corner, you have the Highlight changes toggle to show the changes. The highlight is a comparison with the previous version of the document.

Document History
Document History

Based on the plan you purchase, there are time limits for the history. Here is the breakdown for the period you will have access to the document history for each plan:




1 month

3 months

12 months

Check more about Archbee pricing.


Updated 06 May 2022
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