Expandable Headings

Expandable headings are a great way to add FAQ lists on your documentation website.

You can set them as expanded or collapsed and here's how to create an expandable heading:

  • Use the / and type Expandable Heading 1, then hit Enter
  • Select the Expandable heading from the custom block list: type / and select it
  • Or type the shortcut for:
    • Expandable Heading 1 >># + space
    • Expandable Heading 2 >>## + space
    • Expandable Heading 3 >>### + space
  • To convert an existing heading to an expandable one, type >> at the beginning of one, then hit space

To unwrap the content of the Expandable Heading, just delete the heading and you will be left with the text.

Convert headings and unrwap them
Convert headings and unrwap them


Expandable Heading 1

  • you can add here any of the custom blocks available in Archbee's editor

Expandable Heading 2

  • you can toggle the heading as expanded or colapsed

Expandable Heading 3

Get a cake by its ID
Body Parameters
ID of the cake to get



Updated 04 Mar 2022
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