Updated 25 Jun 2020

How to setup your account

Workspaces contain docspaces, user groups and users.

Workspaces are a way for your account to be in multiple contexts, for example if you might have multiple companies. They are not a way for you to group users in 1 company.

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Workspaces = Companies

User groups are a way to group users in 1 company, e.g. your departments. User groups allow you to assign access policies to certain docspaces so that only some users are able to see or edit content.

Do not use worspaces as a way to group members of the same company
This will work against you. As, search works at workspace level, thus you will not be able to search for information in all your workspaces. It's also not possible to mention people & docs from other workspaces as mentions and docs are at the workspace level.
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User Groups = Departments

Docspaces are a way to group documents. They are similar to projects in your company. They can be assigned access policies so that only certain groups of people .

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Docspaces = Projects

Users are members of 1 company.

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Users = Employees