What we want from you

Our SaaS product helps software development & product teams build better software through amazing documentation.

We're an early-stage startup, and looking for a clear thinkers to join our mission of making documentation & async communication easy & popular.

If you're associating with the skills below, don't hesitate to reach out even if we don't have an open position for you.

Thoughtful problem-solving

For you, problem-solving starts with a clear and accurate understanding of the context. You can decompose tricky problems and work towards a clean solution, by yourself or with teammates. You're comfortable asking for help when you get stuck.

Ability to scale

You have experience scaling production software to support rapid growth, or you're motivated and excited to learn.

Pragmatic and business-oriented

You care about business impact and prioritize projects accordingly. You're not just going after cool stuff—you understand the balance between craft, speed, and the bottom line.

Put users first

You think critically about the implications of what you're building, and how it shapes real people's lives. You understand that reach comes with responsibility for our impact—good and bad.

Not ideological about technology

To you, technologies and programming languages are about tradeoffs — there is no best. You may be opinionated, but you're not ideological and can learn new technologies as you go.

Empathetic communication

You communicate nuanced ideas clearly, whether you're explaining technical decisions in writing or brainstorming in real time. In disagreements, you engage thoughtfully with other perspectives and compromise when needed.

Team player

For you, work isn't a solo endeavor. You enjoy collaborating cross-functionally to accomplish shared goals, and you care about learning, growing, and helping others to do the same.

Updated 20 Apr 2022
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