We have 3 types of lists:

Bulleted lists

You can add a bulleted list by typing - (dash) and space at the beginning of a new row.

Here's one:

  • a bulleted list item
  • and the second one
    • and an indented one
      • a super indented one
  • back to sq. 1

Numbered lists

Numbered lists work exactly like bulleted lists, except you can add them by typing 1. (one and dot) at the beginning of a new row.

Here's one:

  1. a numbered list
    1. going deeper
    2. staying deeper
      1. Mariana Trench? Don't do this.
  2. going back
  3. end of story

Check lists

Check lists work exactly like the other two, except you can check items on or off. You can add a check list by typing [] in the editor or clicking the check list icon in a new row.

Here's one:







Above I've showed you how to add lists, and you exit a list by hitting enter twice at the end of a list item. The first enter will introduce an empty list item and then the second enter removes the empty list item and moves on to a new paragraph.

This is important to say because all editors (from Microsoft Word to Google Docs) work this way, but many people are not aware and it seems like a hard user experience without knowing it.


To indent in a list, press TAB on a new list item. To de-indent a list, press SHIFT+TAB. (does not work for checklists, but for the other 2).