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Space Links is a feature that allows you to connect multiple published Spaces under unified navigation.

It’s a way for you to set up multi-product, multi-version documentation sites and link between User Guides, Developer Documentation, API docs.

  1. Go to the Space where you added your subdomain - let’s call it the main Space - it's the one with an empty pathname.
  2. Click on the gear icon ⚙️ for settings, then go to the Space Links tab;
  3. Start building the Space Links:
    1. Add the space that you are currently on as a Space Link itself (we are doing this to be able to go back to your space)
    2. Add a label (e.g., User Guide, Developer Documentation, API)
    3. Select the Space
    4. Click Add new link
  4. Repeat the add Space Link process, until you wire up all the space links that you want
  5. Exit the Space Settings window, and publish the space, and they'll be propagated.
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In the Space Link dropdown selector, all your created spaces might not be available. That is because we are filtering only the spaces that don't have any connections with others, or they are eligible for space linking.

While you can arrange and set up your Space Linking, behind the scene, all your involved Spaces will replicate the same configuration. For example let's take 2 spaces that are wired together, User Guide and Developer Documentation. While you are setting space linking on User Guide and wiring it together with Developer Documentation, you will find all your desired configurations also replicated on Developer Documentation's settings. 

Every time you do a change in the space link configuration, the configuration will be replicated on all the spaces involved.

Once published you will be able to see the changes in public spaces. Here's how it looks for your readers:

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Updated 04 Jul 2022
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