Subscriptions & Payment

There's a couple of things to know when you decide to purchase a subscription to Archbee.

  • Subscriptions are assigned to Organizations, not users. That means:
    • You can have multiple subscriptions at the same time: started and charged at different times;
    • You can be in Organization you do not pay for, others do;
    • You cannot transfer a subscription to another Organization in the user interface, but by contacting our support to do it manually for you;
  • We charge your card in advance for each month;
  • Users are added automatically to your invoice and our payment gateway (Stripe) will prorate your invoices: for example, if you add a user in the middle of a month, the next invoice you will see a charge for 1 month and a half (this current half of month + the next month);
  • You can update your card anytime in the payment section;
  • Annual subscriptions are available at 20% discount.