Getting started with Archbee

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👋 Welcome!

This is our documentation site, which has been written with and is hosted by

We're an online knowledge management system that can help you build a knowledge base for your growing team and hosted product docs for your customers, all within the same awesome UI.

We started focusing on great features for software development teams, but Archbee also works very well for different types of teams, like: sales, marketing, product, and management.

What can you expect?

  • Build a solid knowledge base that your team can use to scale easily, onboard new members faster, become remote friendly, and provide better workflows overall;
  • Build and host documentation (product docs) for your customers on your own domain;
  • Build API & developer docs for your customers' developers;
  • Integrate it with great SaaS solutions that you might be already using.

The app is relatively intuitive and easy to use, but we still find some usecases are not obvious, so let's dive into our documentation.