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This feature is available on these plans:

โœ”๏ธ Enterprise

The Export to PDF feature allows to generate a PDF for a Space or Document.

Export a Document to PDF

To export a single Document to PDF you need to go to the Document settings - the 3 vertical dots โ ‡ on the top right corner and click on Export to PDF.

This will generate a PDF with the contents of your document.

Export a Space to PDF

To export an entire Space as a PDF you need to go to Space settings - the icon gear โš™๏ธ - find the Export PDF tab and toggle it on.

Export PDF toggle
Export PDF toggle

Now, each time you publish a Space, a PDF will be generated with the contents of the documents in that Space.

If you want to see the PDF export for this Space, you can find the download button on the top navigation bar highlighted below.

Document image


Updated 09 Jun 2022
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