An alternative to using the modern WYSIWYG Archbee editor with custom blocks, inline comments, and markdown shortcuts is to get the content from Github.

For people that use git as a versioning system and write the docs content in Github, when you add a Collection you can set it up with the Github integration.

Add Github integration

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After the integration is done, when adding a new collection select the GitHub-backed collection option and select the previously authorised repository.

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Here's the link to the example repo: https://github.com/dragosbulugean/slate

If we find a .archbee.yaml file in the root of the repo like this one https://github.com/dragosbulugean/slate/blob/master/.archbee.yaml, then we use that, or if we don't we just set some defaults.

Create a .yaml file

Create a .archbee.yaml file with the following variable structure. The file must be located in the root of your repository.

  • root: ./docs property defines where's the directory containing the docs.
  • structure:
    • summary: summary.md reconstructs the document tree in the left navigation panel in Archbee. If there is none, we consider the folders to be the categories and mimic the file structure inside.
    • readme: Introduction.md we currently use it for the root of the collection when you publish it. For example if you want something at the bare domain or subdomain (without any pathing), you can use this file.
    • assets: assets assets folder is relative to docsPath. Archbee will upload all files found from that folder.

Part of the system is still under development for now and we're collecting user feedback.

Test it out and let us know what you thought and how we can improve it!

Updated 18 Feb 2022
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