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Archbee provides a couple of ready-made templates for Engineering, Marketing, Product, Sales, or Executive.

You can also create templates for the team. Under the Template Space, you can add new documents with your chosen content.

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The system templates and custom templates will show up whenever you add a new document.

When you click a template, you can see its content and decide whether to use it.

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Here is the list of system templates:

  • Tech Specification
  • Docker cheatsheet
  • Launch checklist
  • Client Kickoff
  • Meeting Notes
  • Project Proposal
  • Project Retrospective
  • Post mortem
  • Investor Letter
  • Quarterly OKRs
  • Monthly Sales Recap
  • Marketing styleguides
  • User persona
  • Competitor watch
  • Social Media Policy
  • Marketing project
  • SEO Checklist

Updated 04 Jul 2022
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